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My Background And My Approach

"It is the process and not the product, that deserves our focus."

 - Irene Dodd 1975

I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not sketching, drawing, painting, or wanting to. I still have 'books' that I wrote and illustrated at age 3 or 4. People told me that I was good at this 'Art' thing, so I did it again, and again. But maturity brings the realization that there is much more to it than anyone's approval. Even my own.

I could devote paragraphs to defining 'Art'. I will not bore you with such an effort, except to say that there are great parallels between graphical or 'Fine Art', and music. Music has its process and product. Who benefits more, the musician, having created, or the listener, having heard? Neither art nor music is purely about mechanics or the mastery of any acquired technique. There are fundamentals to be learned, of course, but I include this as an assumption. From there, each work includes our life experiences to date and our emotional responses to a scene or a moment. Most musicians would agree.

At a higher level, I see 'Art', however loosely you want to define it, as a channel for learning and growth. I can spend days or weeks creating the best painting of my life, then take the canvas outside and set it on fire (at least I took it outside first - see 'learning', above). As a result, the product is gone forever. The process that I went through and every challenge that I faced and hopefully conquered, carries forward to all future works. Learning and growth.

I was fortunate enough in college to study under Irene Dodd at Valdosta State. She was, without question, the best professor, guide, or mentor that you could ask for. She had a unique way of blending the creation of 'Art' in its physical form with the psychology of the process that leads you there while differentiating the significance of each. The words 'It is the process and not the product...' are hers, but the concept stuck with me over time. I, and those with whom I have shared her words, have found them applicable in other areas of life.

When you view my work, you see only the product. The process that I went through to arrive at what you see is mine alone. You can take the product home with you. Having lived the process, I learned, and I grew. I get to keep that.

If you would like to find out more about my work, get in touch.

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